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Bookend "Fuchsfelge ®" (SET)

Item #: FU-103633

Bookend "Fuchsfelge ®" (SET)

Available from April 2014

- Limited edition - Set of 2 bookends

Fuchsfelge® and Porsche 911 – inseparable

But what’s to be done when winter comes and you have got to say Goodbye until spring?

For all those who can’t do without their passionately loved collector’s piece we now have the solution:

The Fuchsfelge® as a bookend - an eye-catcher in your book shelf.


Bookend made of a quarter segment of a forged Fuchsfelge® - the original finish with a black wheel disc and silky sheen anodised rim! Mounted on fine, black-varnished wood, with a metal label out of aluminium as well as an engraved short description and a non-slip rubber, equally for the left as well as right-hand side. Your Porsche literature will be kept perfectly in place!
Dimensions: 26 x 26 x 13 cm

Please note:

Little flaws in the wheel finish are no reason for complaints but down to the fact that wheels are cut into quarters. The bookends stem from the ultimate forging campaign of the classical Fuchsfelge® - thus you can be sure of the exclusivity of this handmade accessory of this limited edition.

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